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Trauma  Trainings
& Customized Trainings

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Join us in 2024 as we launch our racial trauma training classes led by certified trauma professional and S.T.A.R. Trainer, Fred Liggin. Designed for individual community members, groups and business leaders. We seek to help people who are experiencing trauma or who work as therapists, guidance counselors, human resource managers or educators.

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Strategies for Trauma And Resilience

This training class is an evidence-based, research-supported academic and experiential education trauma awareness and resilience training with a 13 year national and international reputation of success. STAR was developed in the months following the tragic events of September 11, 2001 to transform trauma survivors into resilient thrivers. From its inception, it encompassed a multicultural perspective that has been well-received globally and locally.

Understanding Racial Trauma

This training class offers insights and practical training for people experiencing racial trauma or who treat people who are dealing with racial trauma.

What Is Racial Trauma?

Customized Trainings

We design specialized trainings and consultations tailor-made to the staff development needs of your organization.

Adult Students
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