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All Hands In

The       of VRHI

Healing: Helping to heal racial divisions at the root of America

Engaging: Engaging individuals in courageous conversations

Advancing: Advancing a culture of truth-telling and restoration

Re-imagining: Re-imagining a nation committed to liberty and justice for all

Training: Training individuals to understand and heal from trauma
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Our Mission

Virginia Racial Healing Institute is “a healing place!"  We are a safe and welcoming space to engage in dialogue, classes, and pilgrimages to foster racial healing and reconciliation at the birthplace of America.  We are helping to the heal our communities and nation, one person at time.

Our Mission

Building bridges to heal racial wounds and to foster reconciliation

Our Vision

Re-imagining a world committed to wholeness, liberty and justice for all

Our Commitment

We are committed to offering programming to build racially equitable and welcoming communities, where “liberty and justice for all” is more than an ideal; it's a lived experience.

Our Partners

Our greatest resource is our partners who catch our vision and get involved!

H. E. A. R. T

Healing. Engaging. Advancing. Re-Imagining. Training

   Partner with Us !

In a nation marked by racial unrest and division, we are re-imagining a world where the legacies of slavery are history!

We provide building blocks for communities committed to racial healing, reconciliation and justice.  It is only fitting that we start at the root of our nation -- Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown, Virginia.
We are committed to  working collaboratively with community partners to create the infrastructure for safe and welcoming places for people to heal and thrive.
Our work is based on restorative and reparative justice principles, trauma-informed practices and a firm commitment to Dr. Martin Luther King's vision of  a "brotherhood that transcends race and color."
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